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All About Money? Not for Volunteers

All About Money? Not for Volunteers By Greg Kozera– We’ve been through another flood. My heart goes out to people impacted. Cleaning up after one of these events is daunting. Having a house full of mud and water is unimaginable. In the middle of this […]

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Take Thoughtful Risks

Take Thoughtful Risks By Greg Kozera– Lynnda and I got our second COVID vaccine shot two weeks ago. Like the first, the process at the Charleston Civic Center was efficient, taking about 2 hours with more people in line. It reminded me of the Space […]

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Cold Facts

Cold Facts By Greg Kozera– This week I was talking to a friend in Houston, TX. We are helping his company with a project in “The Crescent”. He was telling me how cold it is and how bad the roads are. Suddenly while on the […]

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Beware of Dream Stealers

Beware of Dream Stealers By Greg Kozera– Like Tom Brady, quarterback of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers or hate him, he is a champion. After this year’s Super Bowl win, Brady has won 7 Super Bowls, more than any other team. The Pittsburgh Steelers and New […]

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Be Careful with Wishes

Be Careful with Wishes By Greg Kozera– COVID hit close to home last week. We learned our 28-year-old grandson contracted it. He lives out of state and we haven’t seen him since the pandemic started. We communicate via phone and text. Even though he works […]

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