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No Problem is Too Big… For America

No Problem is Too Big…For America                                   By Greg Kozera–                                                        Three major events happened this week. We got to spend time with our youngest son and his family at Gatlinburg, TN. We shared a condo and got to hug all four grandchildren including our […]

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Taking Control

Taking Control                                               By Greg Kozera                                                        A few weeks ago, Lynnda and I were in Orlando airport with our granddaughter and her roommate checking our bags. Suddenly there was commotion in front of us. A family group traveling together had surrounded a man. […]

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Take Successful Action

Take Successful Action By Greg Kozera– Whenever Lynnda came home from work upset or frustrated she would share her problems and frustrations. Early in our marriage, I assumed she was looking for a solution and wanted my help. I was wrong. I finally understood she […]

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Staying Free

Staying Free By Greg Kozera– As kids we loved looking at old family pictures. Our photos were black and white except for a few professional family photos. We loved photos of Christmas. Pictures of our grandparents were special since three of them were already deceased. […]

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What Are You Missing?

What Are You Missing? By Greg Kozera– Are birds more active this year or am I slowing down enough to finally notice them? We have a lot of singing and chirping birds in our neighborhood. It seems like they are everywhere and active throughout the […]

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