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A Dream… or a Wish?

A Dream…or a Wish?                                       By Greg Kozera~~                                                       Growing up in the 1960s my dream was to be an astronaut. The USA was focused on putting a man on the moon. Star Trek was my favorite TV show. My dream came crashing down […]

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What Happened in Vegas… (Could Help You)

What Happened in Vegas… (Could help you)           By Greg Kozera~~                                                     Last weekend Lynnda and I were in Las Vegas, Nevada for Influence 2021, The National Speakers Association’s (NSA) Annual Conference. This year at Caesar’s Palace. The plane to Vegas was packed and late […]

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Be Persistent

Be Persistent                                  By Greg Kozera                                                        A friend of mine decided to take a last-minute vacation to Florida this month before school starts. I have some travel resources and offered to help him. Finding a hotel for his narrow time period was hard with […]

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Why America is Great

Why America is Great                            By Greg Kozera~~ America is unique in the world. This nation has been able to accomplish the incredible. To win our independence we had to defeat England, the most powerful nation on earth in 1776. The number of ships, […]

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The Road Less Traveled

The Road Less Traveled                                          By Greg Kozera—                                                      This week I was privileged to be part of a panel speaking to the Civic Leaders Fellowship program. It is a summer program for college students in a variety of fields. The program is sponsored […]

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